NBA Punches First Ticket to the Big Dance

The National Basketball Association is joining in on the madness. Finally.

With the NCAA tourney down to its last 16 teams, the NBA with the help of ad agency Translation launched its latest series of playoff ads that signify the message: “The dance never ends.”

Drawing its inspiration from March Madness, the commercials depict current NBA players–including the three-headed MVP race monster of Steph Curry, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook–in some of their greatest moments with their respective college teams. As they celebrate, the video paints on the player an animation of their college jerseys that coincides with the transition from radio play-by-play announcer to the recognizable voice of color commentator Dick Vitale doing his thing.

What is great to point out about these ads (aside from the fact that it’s f*cking amazing) is the collaboration between the NBA and the NCAA. With recent developments on increasing the league’s age limit for draft eligibility, it is very evident how Adam Silver keeps on exploring opportunities to better the overall product.

Going back to the TVCs, the NBA always finds ways to exceed expectations, creatively executing marketing campaigns such as this year after year.  With that said, enjoy reliving the madness below!

Russell Westbrook, former UCLA Bruin


Steph Curry, former Davidson Wildcat


Dwyane Wade, former Marquette Golden Eagle


Kyle Lowry, former Villanova Wildcat


Al Horford, former Florida Gator


James Harden, former Arizona State Sun Devil


Paul Pierce, former Kansas Jayhawk


Klay Thompson (former Washington State Cougar), Al Horford and co.




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